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Simply enter a keyword or a topic in the search field and you will immediately receive a number of suitable suggestions that match your input and may be just the right thing for your website. The most popular are those domains that are relatively short in length and have a suffix of either .de or .com.

Step by step to your new domain - this is how it works...


Step 1

Searching for the right domain

With the help of our clever search function, designed to be especially user-friendly, you can quickly find the right domain for your project within a few seconds. All you need is to enter a keyword and any relevant domains will be instantly displayed.

Step 2

Buying your new domain

As soon as you have created your user account, you can buy a domain directly with just a few clicks. Payment is made conveniently and securely via PayPal - quick and easy. Within a short time you are then the owner of the domain and can use it as you wish.

Step 3

Transferring your domain to your own server

It only takes a few hours to get your new domain up and running. In your user account you will find the AUTH code or Hetzner token with which you can easily transfer your new domain to your own hosting provider. This data will also be sent to you automatically per email. And off you go - have fun with your new domain!


Maximum transparency - without any fees:

If you buy a domain from us, you don't have to worry about any extra fees or hidden costs. The price for your desired domain will be displayed directly - it couldn't be easier or more secure.

You have a variety of options to choose from when purchasing your new domain:

Buy Now

"Buy Now" is one of the easiest ways to buy your own domain. In this case, a one-time purchase price is displayed on the product page, which you pay as soon as you decide on the domain. You will not incur any additional fees or hidden costs and your domain will be available to you within just a few hours!

Submitting your own offer

Occasionally we publish special offers at APCDOM, which usually deal with already existing online projects as oppose to individual domains without project planning. Such special offers always have their own project page where you can submit your own offer if desired. If a suitable offer is accepted by the seller, the sale is processed by invoice in the conventional way - securely, transparently and without risk.

Why buying a domain is worthwhile for you

In view of the growing competition on the Internet, it is increasingly important today to have a meaningful and comprehensive domain for your own business. Since millions of domains are already in use, you should not hesitate and act quickly on finding a suitable domain.

Buying a quality domain will benefit you in the following cases:

  • You are running a startup or planning to set up an online shop
  • You sell your services primarily through an online presence
  • You want to run a targeted marketing campaign for your product
  • You want to expand your brand and protect it with a suitable web address
  • You want to invest in a domain and resell it later at a profit

The perfect domain - find it now!

It doesn't matter whether you want to use a domain privately or commercially - an individual web address on the internet looks personal, professional and can increase your success substantially in the long term. Your domain should also be easy to remember, uncomplicated and self-explanatory for customers or business partners.

APCDOM - Ihre Vorteile

  • Kostenfreies und unverbindliches Kundenkonto
  • Für Sie fallen beim Kauf einer Domain keinerlei Gebühren an
  • Sichere Bestellung und Bezahlung der Domain via PayPal
  • Verfügbarkeit Ihrer neuen Domain bereits nach wenige Stunden
  • Alle Rechnungen und Infos stehen für Sie im Benutzerkonto bereit

Ihr kostenloses APCDOM-Konto

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